Guide to Great Western Buildings Lawsuit Legalities

Great Western Buildings Lawsuit
Guide to Great Western Buildings Lawsuit Legalities

In the ever-evolving realm of the metal building industry, the legal entanglement known as the Great Western Buildings Lawsuit of 2023 has taken center stage, drawing the gaze of stakeholders and industry observers. At its core is Great Western Building Systems, a Colorado-based firm that has long been recognized for its innovative pre-engineered steel building systems and unwavering commitment to quality.


Heralded for its innovative designs and steadfast commitment to quality, has been a key player in the construction sector. However, the unfolding legal drama has cast a pall over its established reputation, necessitating a closer examination of the events leading up to this legal battle.

The Genesis of the Lawsuit

The lawsuit has its roots in a tapestry of client and contractor grievances, revealing discord within the company. Concerns ranging from product delivery issues to contract non-adherence and communication breakdowns have surfaced. A particularly troublesome facet revolves around unfulfilled orders, notably concerning roll-up doors, causing project delays and leaving clients grappling with shattered expectations.

Specific Accusations Against Great Western Building Systems

Allegations include product delivery issues where clients paid for components but did not receive them, non-adherence to contract agreements resulting in project delays, and a breakdown in communication that left clients uninformed about project statuses. These grievances constitute the crux of the legal battle as plaintiffs seek redress for perceived shortcomings by Great Western Building Systems.

The legal arena is set with the company as the defendant, facing off against property owners who engaged the company’s services. Nicholas P. Hansen serves as the legal representative for the plaintiffs, adding a layer of complexity to an already intricate legal narrative.

Prelude to the Lawsuit

Water damage incidents reported by homeowners triggered the legal dispute, raising concerns about the quality of construction. Homeowners, grappling with ongoing problems, filed complaints seeking remedies and expressing worries about the perceived subpar construction by Great Western Building Systems.

The lawsuit encompasses a spectrum of legal issues, including negligence claims related to safety hazards and construction challenges, allegations of misrepresentation or omission of crucial details about products, issues surrounding performance and payment bonds, and mechanic’s liens due to alleged non-payment or underpayment.

Filed as a Breach of Contract – (Commercial) case in the Maricopa County Superior Courts, the proceedings unfolded in Adams District Court under the watchful eye of a presiding judge. Legal representation for the company is provided by Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin P.C. Various docket entries capture the ebb and flow of motions, filings, and court decisions, shaping the trajectory of the legal battle.

Pivotal Decisions and Outcomes

Significant rulings favored the defendant in terms of a non-refundable deposit. However, the determination of the defendant’s failure to meet loan repayment terms and a judgment against the company regarding lifetime warranty obligations shifted the tides in favor of the plaintiffs.

Beyond the core lawsuit, related legal challenges include a lease dispute in Aurora and cases tied to unpaid work in Reno.Legal practices like Robinson & Henry P.C. and Frascona Joiner Goodman & Greenstein P.C. play a pivotal role in navigating complex disputes within their expertise.

Industry Impact of Great Western’s Case

The lawsuit has left an indelible mark on Great Western Building Systems, impacting its reputation and eroding customer trust. Internally, the company has undertaken a comprehensive review, revamping quality assurance processes to address the issues highlighted during the legal proceedings. The repercussions extend beyond the company, catalyzing an industry-wide shift towards emphasizing proper documentation, compliance, and customer-centric practices.

As the dust settles, the Great Western Buildings Lawsuit leaves behind a trail of lessons and implications for the metal building industry. The emphasis on transparency, ethical practices, and customer satisfaction takes center stage. Proactive measures to enhance customer experience and build trust become imperative, and the industry anticipates trends focusing on upholding industry standards and meeting customer expectations.

In Closing

In conclusion, the Great Western Buildings Lawsuit of 2023 stands as a compelling case study in the metal building industry. It serves as a stark reminder of the importance of ethical business practices, transparency, and unwavering commitment to contractual obligations. The need for robust communication channels and a steadfast dedication to meeting and exceeding industry standards becomes evident, providing valuable lessons for businesses in the metal building sector to fortify their standing in the market.

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